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OWL-Socrates for Instructors & Presenters
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 14:01

If you are an instructor who is interested in using the OWL-Socrates (Panopto) course capture system, please contact Carlos Solis, PhD, EdTech Manager, to discuss your needs.

Panopto Recorder Download

Panopto Focus Recorder, the software used for OWL-Socrates is already installed on all Rice podium computers.  Instructors with an OWL-Socrates "creator" account can download the Panopto software for use on their laptops from http://owlsocrates.rice.edu.

OWL-Socrates/Panopto Recorder Login at Rice

You will need an OWL-Socrates "creator" account in order to use the Panopto Recorder to create new sessions.

If your OWL-Socrates account was created before the summer of 2011 or if you do not have a Rice NetID, then your OWL-Socrates account is not directly linked to the Rice NetID/CAS system.  For your OWL-Socrates login and password, please see the original email that you received when your OWL-Socrates account was first set up; it is not necessarily the same as your Rice NetID login and password.

Rice OWL-Socrates accounts created during and after the summer of 2011 are directly linked to the Rice NetID/CAS system, so your OWL-Socrates "creator" login is "ad.rice.edu\NetID" and your password is the same as your NetID password.  Please be sure to include "ad.rice.edu\" before your NetID.

The server address is "owlsocrates.rice.edu" or "owlsocrates".

Panopto Recorder Login on a PC

PC Creator Login

Panopto Recorder Login on a Mac


The "server" may be displayed as "owlsocrates" or "owlsocrates.rice.edu".

Mac Panopto Login


Basic Operation Video Tutorials


  • If you are using a wireless internet connection (eg, with a laptop), please make sure you are logged into "Rice Owls."  You will not be able to upload Panopto recordings via "Rice Visitor."  Please contact the IT Help Desk in the Mudd Building (x 4357) if you need any assistance with this.
  • Use standard fonts when creating your PowerPoint slides (eg, Times New Roman, Arial).  Also, if you are using the PC version of Panopto, in the Advanced Settings of the Panopto Focus Recorder, ensure that "Always Capture PowerPoint as screen image" is checked.  This will ensure that the PowerPoint slides and your recorded video can be processed on the Panopto server.
  • Make sure that your recorder is fully uploaded onto the Panopto server before you exit the software.  (It does not have to be fully processed.)  This is especially important if you are using a Rice podium computer.  If you log off the podium computer before your session has completed uploading, there is a chance that you might lose your recording.

Advanced Features

You may explore advanced features by visiting Panopto's support pages:

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