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Wednesday, 07 July 2010 11:12
Here we list the venues on campus where we have helped to install permanent, event-focused multimedia.  Any of these rooms could have more equipment added if needed.

If you are using a room not listed here, don't worry! We'll work to bring in portable technology to suit your needs.

BuildingRoom Capacity
Web Casting
Event Capture
Video Conferencing
Reservation Contact
Keck Hall
KH 102
 80green checkgreen checkgreen checkBiosciences & Bioengineering
Duncan Hall

DH 1055
(McMurtry Auditorium)

 240green checkgreen checkred x
Dean of Engineering
DH 1064
 80green checkgreen checkgreen check
Office of the Registrar
DH 2056
 red xred xgreen checkDean of Engineering
Rice Memorial Center
Grand Hall
250 dining,
450 lecture
green checkgreen checkred xRice Memorial Center
Mudd Building
Mudd 106e2-3
red xred xgreen checkIT Media Services Group
Herring Hall
Digital Media Center
(DMC), HE 129
 red xred x
green checkFondren Digital Media Center
BioScience Research Collaborative
BRC Auditorium 280green check
green check
green check
BRC (x 8400)
BRC 280
(Broadcast Lecture Hall)
90green checkgreen checkgreen checkBRC (x 8400)
BRC 282
52green checkgreen checkgreen checkRegistrar's Office
BRC 284
32green checkgreen checkgreen checkRegistrar's Office
BRC 285
22green checkgreen checkgreen checkRegistrar's Office
BRC 286
38  red x Registrar's Office 
BRC 287
28  red x Registrar's Office

BRC 286 and BRC 287 may have audio and computer capture capabilities, but they don't have any video capture or broadcast capabilities.  Please contact us if you would like more information about these venues.

For other venues, please Search by Classroom.  This database has additional information, including instructions on using installed AV equipment.

More room information can also be found on the Registrar's "Classroom Information" and "Buildings and Classrooms" webpages.

Please note that we can provide technical support in these rooms and venues, but room reservations are subject to applicable procedures of individual Rice departments managing the rooms.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 September 2010 12:18