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Rice EdTech Productions: Services Offered
Tuesday, 06 July 2010 14:19

Here you will find a complete listing of event services that the Rice EdTech Productions team offers.

  • Event consultations
  • Multimedia equipment set-up (as part of event recordings)
  • Media events
    • Video and/or audio recording
    • Event webcasts
    • Event webarchives
  • Media transcoding and DVDs
  • Storage for on-demand viewing
  • Video conferencing

Rice EdTech Productions does NOT provide services and support for events that are not sponsored and paid through an organization affiliated with Rice University.  If you need assistance with something not listed, please ask us, and we probably do it!  Or we know someone who does.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless it is installed in the venue, EdTech Productions does not provide

  • loaner equipment (eg, laptops)
  • remote presentation clicker
  • laser pointers
  • microphones
  • tables or chairs (eg, for panel discussions)
  • food
  • easels

Those are provided by departments or the speaker sponsoring groups, or can be requested from Rice's Housing and Dining and from the AV Media Equipment Reservations at the Rice Memorial Center.  Please also see our list of other AV resources on campus.

Services & Fees

EdTech Productions is a cost recovery center within Rice University, and our services are available to Rice organizations.  We hope you'll find our prices very reasonable. We can only bill to a Rice fund and org.  The following prices reflect fees charged to most Rice accounts.  Please contact us for pricing for projects that are to be billed to the Jones Graduate School of Business, the Baker Institute for Public Policy, or the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.

Media Events

Our hourly rates are $42.50 - $77.50 per person per hour.  Additional overtime charges may apply for after-hour and weekend events; this support is based on staff availability.

Sample Pricing
Video recording a one-hour event using in-venue equipment:

  • With post-production, $317.50 ($275.00 + $42.50 coordination fee)
    • Edited DVD and/or webarchived media
    • Professional DVD label and DVD case
  • Without post-production, $240.00 ($197.50 + $42.50 coordination fee)
    • Unedited DVD only
    • No professional DVD label and no labeled DVD case
  • Live webcast only, $162.50 ($120.00 + $42.50 coordination fee)

This pricing model is for events that are produced to become part of the University.  Please contact us to get a quote for your specific AV needs.

Video Conferencing

  • High-speed videoconferencing links to worldwide sites are available at several sites on campus. These services may require extensive testing and setup and should be arranged at least two weeks in advance.
  • Qualifying conferences are those that connect via IP; we do not have ISDN services.
  • The minimum fee for testing and set-up is $95.00.
  • Customers will be responsible for additional charges if:
    • Technical support is necessary for a substantial time beyond the initial setup ($42.50 - $77.50 per hour)
    • The call is unrelated to the University business and its academic mission ($77.50 - $155.00 per hour)
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