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Herman Brown 223

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Room Type Conference Room
Seating & Capacity 20   Desks
Lighting & Windows Fluorescent
No windows
Writing Surface Chalkboard
4' x 24'
Projection Surface (none)
Multimedia System (none)
Computers (none)
Outlets 0 Outlets
Flooring Carpeted
Special Features WiFi(tm) logo  
Wireless Internet access is available in or near this room.
Reservations For room reservations, contact:
Registrar's Office.

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The following information and instructions apply to this room:
Room Setup

This classroom does not have a Podium A/V system installed in it. A/V equipment use here requires some set up, and control of the equipment is limited to the buttons located on the equipment itself. If there is a screen in the room, pull it down by hand and roll it up with a quick downward movement and then allow it to roll itself up.

If you have any questions or comments, please call IT's Operations Center at x4989, or email problem@rice.edu.

Overhead image.

There is an overhead located in the room for your use. Plug the overhead in and turn it onby pressing the power switch located in the bottom right corner of the overhead.

To switch lamps on the overhead: If you need to switch to the auxiliary lamp, open the hatch on the bottom left of the overhead and turn the dial all the way over to the other lamp indicated (1 or 2). Please email cts@rice.edu to let them know a new lamp is needed in the room.