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Keck Seminar: You’ve Made Progress? It’s Time to Tell Your Story
Tom Kraft, PhD, Director of Technology Ventures Development, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship
date:3:15PM   US Central (GMT −0500)
Friday, October 4, 2013
location:BRC 282, BioScience Research Collaborative Building, Rice University
sponsor:Gulf Coast Consortia

Short presentations of technical progress, developments or discoveries have always been difficult, especially when the audience is not necessarily technically oriented. This seminar will provide guidelines for enriching your presentations and maximizing the retention of the material you present. We will look at ways to understand your audience, shape the story you will tell, and create the impact you would desire. There will be three parts to the presentation: (1) guidelines for technology presentations, (2) a 5-minute presentation profile, and (3) strategies for an elevator pitch.

About Dr. Kraft:
Dr. Kraft is Director of Technology Ventures Development, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship. Over the years, he has had numerous commercial successes and patents and has founded several companies, one of which developed and commercialized medical and clinical devices in microbiology, immunology, hematology and clinical chemistry. Rice Alliance is a nationally-recognized initiative devoted to the support of technology commercialization, entrepreneurship education, and the launch of technology companies. Since its inception in 2000, Rice Alliance has assisted in the launch of more than 250 start-ups which have raised more than half a billion dollars in early-stage capital. Prior to joining Rice Alliance, Kraft was the Director of Client Services, Houston Technology Center. During this tenure, he helped launch several Houston technology companies including Nano3D Biosciences and Rebellion Photonics. Dr. Kraft received a BS in mechanical engineering from UCLA, an MBA from UCLA, and a PhD in electrical engineering and math from Rice University.

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