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Keck Seminar: Transposase-Mediated Protein Mutagenesis: Libraries for Fundamental and Applied Research [explicit url accessible]
Jonathan Silberg, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Rice University
date:4:00PM   US Central (GMT −0500)
Friday, September 28, 2012
location:BRC Auditorium, BioScience Research Collaborative Building, Rice University
sponsor:Gulf Coast Consortia


About Dr. Silberg’s Research:
The objective of our group is to draw on concepts, principles, and methods from engineering and natural
science to elucidate and manipulate the functions of proteins. Our protein engineering efforts are focused on
developing new methods for laboratory evolution and using these methods to investigate if a protein’s
mutational tolerance reports on its structure and dynamics, establish if structure-guided protein
recombination can elucidate sequence-structure-function relationships in protein complexes, and develop
proteins for systems and synthetic biology that can be used to better understand bacterial pathogens and to
discover treatments for human disease. Our biochemical research is focused on elucidating the function of
human mitochondrial proteins that are critical for cellular energy production.

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