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De Lange Conference VII
Transforming the Metropolis: Creating Sustainable and Humane Cities
date:8:30AM   US Central (GMT −0500)
Monday, March 2, 2009  –  Wednesday, March 4, 2009
location:Stude Hall / Shepherd School
sponsor:Funded by the De Lange Endowment, established by C. M. and Demaris Hudspeth in memory of Demaris' parents, Albert and Demaris De Lange.

For the first time in history, more than half of the world's population now lives in urban areas. At this defining moment in the history of cities, the De Lange Conference will ask many of the world's leading thinkers and practitioners of innovative urban solutions to engage in a dialogue on the concept of sustainable and humane cities. Specifically, this conference will pose the following questions: What does our urban future promise? How can urbanization provide answers to the ecological, social, and economic issues of the 21st century?

The De Lange 2009 Conference will examine the transformational influences these emerging changes may entail. A rich mixture of subject specialists with unique perspectives will enliven and enrich this exploration. The De Lange Conference will have a historical perspective as well as be forward-looking and self-reflective; the conference will reveal that transforming the metropolis is of enormous consequence and relevant to the rethinking of fundamental assumptions that structure our understanding of the world and facilitate new discovery.

The following topics will be addressed by some of the world's foremost thinkers: Globalization and the Transforming Metropolis; Governing Cities of the Future; Engineering Solutions; Education and the Economy; Sustainable, Humane Architecture; Transportation and Movement; Smart Planning; Technology and the Transforming Metropolis; Climate Change Impacts on Cities; The Role of Faith Communities in Building Better Cities.

This conference will appeal to an audience representing a very broad range of background and interests.

Organized and hosted by the Rice University Center on Race, Religion, and Urban Life; Center for the Study of Environment and Society; Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; School of Architecture and the Rice Design Alliance; Department of Sociology; and the University of Houston College of Architecture.

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watch:This event is in multiple parts.
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  1. Day 1a: The City in the Twenty-First Century: What Works, What Doesn't - Mayors Bill White (Houston), Antanas Mockus (Bogota), Mustafa Seyed Kamal (Karachi), Shuku Forer (Rehovot)
  2. Day 1b: Natural Tendencies and Natural Limits, Part 1 - William E. Rees (Univ of British Columbia) and Robert Bruegmann (University of Illinois)
  3. Day 1c: Natural Tendencies and Natural Limits, Part 2: Water, Energy, and the City - Perry L. McCarty (Stanford University) and Amy Myers Jaffe ( Rice Energy Program)
  4. Day 1d: Afternoon Welcome - David Leebron (President of Rice U.) and Globalization and the Transforming Metropolis - Saskia Sassen (Columbia University)
  5. Day 1e: The Stratified City: Ethnographic and Demographic Challenges - Elijah Anderson (Yale) and Do Cities Need a Middle Class? - Joel Kotkin (Chapman University)
  6. Day 1f : Sustainability in Action: A Better Way, Ray Anderson, Founder and Chairman of Interface, Inc.
  7. Day 2a: Building Better Cities - Welcome and Opening Keynote - Strategies of Hope by Cameron Sinclair, co-founder and executive director, Architecture for Humanity
  8. Day 2b: Design Frameworks for Sustainable and Humane Cities - Gary Lawrence (ARUP) and David Crossley (Houston Tomorrow)
  9. Day 2c: Movement and Access - Catherine L. Ross, Georgia Tech, and Antanas Mockus, former Mayor of Bogota
  10. Day 2d: Designing Ecocities - Ken Yeang, Llewelyn Davies Yeang, and Snapshots of Success: Urban Spaces -Fred Kent, Project for Public Spaces
  11. Day 2e - Planning for the Sustainable Metropolis - Lars G. Lerup (Dean of Architecture), Larry Beasley (City of Vancouver), Gary Lawrence (ARUP)
  12. Day 2f: After-Dinner Keynote: Majora Carter, Founder, Sustainable South Bronx
  13. Day 3a: Lifelines of the Sustainable Metropolis: Water, Infracture, and Hope (William J. Mitchell and Volker Hartkopf)
  14. Day 3b, The City's Infrastructure: Solutions for the Present and the Future (cont.) - Alexander Zehnder (TWH Board) and Wayne L. Gordon (Lawndale Community Church) and Harvey Clemons Jr. (Pleasant Hill Ministries)