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Teaching With Technology
IT Department - Educational Technologies
date:12:55PM   US Central (GMT −0500)
Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here is a collection of several short videos on various aspects of the services and capabilities of the Educational Technologies of the IT Department and how these technologies are being used in the classroom.

watch:This event is in multiple parts.
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  1. OWLSCAPE Comes to Duncan College
  2. Owl-Scape
  3. Ed Tech Classroom Technology
  4. Richard Alston Dance Master Class Video Conference
  5. Dynamite PowerPoint Presentations
  6. Video Conferencing in the Arts - Rebecca Valls (2 min.)
  7. Comp 301 - Chris Bronk (15 min.)
  8. Online Teaching - Introduction to BIOPAC
  9. Teaching with Technology - student/instructor Sohum Misra talks about using OwlSpace and other technologies in the classroom (8 min.)
  10. OwlSpace - Introduction
  11. Educational Technologies in the Classroom
  12. OwlSpace Makes Work Efficient - with Peiting Tsai
  13. Class Blogs - Increasing Student Involvement (5 Min)
  14. Using the Audience Response System ("clickers")
  15. Using the Classroom Podium
  16. Rice Dance Theater - Remote Teaching via Video Conferencing
  17. E-Pal Exchange Project: Rice University & Universidad Tecnológica de Monterrey (Mexico)
  18. Audience Response System in the Classroom
  19. Using OwlSpace as a Tool for Collaboration in the Classroom
  20. Wii Me: Using Technology in the Physical Education Classroom
  21. Remote Working and Comp 446