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Rice Dance Theatre: Arts meet Technology
Rebecca Valls
date:4:20PM   to   4:23PM   US Central (GMT −0500)
Tuesday, April 8, 2008
length: 3 minutes
sponsor:Educational Technologies

Arts and Technology met at Rice thanks to collaborative efforts between the Rice Dance Theater, The Society for the Performing Arts, and the Educational Technologies department. Using an EdTech portable videoconferencing and projection system, dance students were able to take a master class from instructors of the renowned Bocca Tango dance group from Argentina, and share in the activity with dance students at the University of Texas in Austin. The Bocca Tango masters taught a live class at Rice's Dance studio, what students at UT were able to follow along in Austin. Students at both universities were able to learn as they observed each other perform, and the Bocca Tango masters were able to provide feedback at locations. Students were exited about this opportunity, as technology does not usually travel to these non-traditional settings.

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