Get Help

For URGENT CLASSROOM HELP dial x4989 (713-348-4989) to speak to an OIT Operator.

Help Information

General Help Needs:

  • Rice OIT Help Desk (x4357): Mon-Fri, 9 AM-5 PM
  • Immediate classroom or lab technical help (x4989): Mon-Fri, 7:30 AM-6 PM
  • Printing hours: Mon-Fri, 24 hours; Sat-Sun 7 AM-7 PM

After Hours (M-F after 5pm and Weekends):

  • For URGENT classroom help: dial x4989 to speak to an OIT Operator.
    Please leave your name and a phone number. The operator will page a classroom technician who will call you back to assist you over the phone.

Problem Notification and Resolution

When we find out there is a problem in a classroom we will do everything in our power to notify you of its existence in an effort to ensure that the problem does not interfere with your class.

Whenever there is an equipment failure we will work to either immediately replace the equipment or to identify a work-around that allows for instructors to continue to use the media they desire for their class.

  • Known problems will be listed on the Learning Environments home page.
  • Problems will also be listed with a description on the classroom’s instructions web page.
  • If equipment is removed or replaced in the room:
    • We will notify you on the instructional technology and the classroom’s instructions web page.
    • We will email the registered room’s users as provided by the Registrar.
    • We will leave a note in the room describing the equipment change.