Spring 2016 Training – Classroom Podiums & OWL-Space

Classroom Podiums

If you are thinking of teaching with technology for the first time or if you would simply like a spring refresher on using the classroom podium, please send us a quick email (academictech@rice.edu) to arrange an individual training session.




All trainings are held in Rayzor Hall 119 and last about 1.5 hours. No RSVP needed, take as many or as few as you like. No pre-requisites required; take the classes in any order as your schedule permits.


1/7 at 10am or
1/14 at 10am
*OWL-Space Basics*
OWL-Space, Rice’s online course management system, is already linked to ESTHER so material and discussions in your OWL-Space course web sites can be restricted to only the students registered for your classes. Learn to use the most popular features such as simplified class and homework assignments and submission, quizzes, electronic grade books and more.

1/8 at 10am
*Rediscover OWL-Space*
If you use only the basic tools in OWL-Space, take this opportunity to learn additional tips and tricks that can save you time managing the courses you teach, and also help you better understand your students’ study habits.

* Re-use previous semester materials
* Customize what you see, hide tabs you don’t use
* Get statistics on what your students look at and do


TBA – What’s New in OWL-Space
*What’s New in OWL-Space?*
Already familiar with course web sites and resources in OWL-Space? Learn how to fully utilize the latest enhancements and new features added during the summer months in the “What’s New?” session.


TBA – Lessons
*OWL-Space LESSONS Tool*
Introduced in spring workshops for instructors, the Lessons tool in OWL-Space feature can be used for both traditional courses and Flipping the Classroom.